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 Hondo app (just roll it around a bit)

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Hondo app (just roll it around a bit) Empty
PostSubject: Hondo app (just roll it around a bit)   Hondo app (just roll it around a bit) EmptyThu Jul 05, 2007 12:36 am

Name: Seth

In-Game Name: Hondo

Age: 17

Emulator you are good with: mainly antrix and shadowhunters but also dabble in others
Skills with the above emulator: i know all commands, and am an item scriptor

Servers you have previously been GM on: ive been a GM on my own my own server as well as my friends server and destinywow

Proof of Above: no proof for my server or my friends but you can check this site even though the sever is down

Reason you are applying for GM on this server: i like to help people and because i like this server allot more than my own or destinywow

What a GM can do: mainly teach people skills/spells(if unable to be taught from a trainer), give quest items to those who have won the item but have still yet to recieve it, unstucking, and increase ones own level cap, and help those in need.

What a GM can not do: A GM is not allowed/cant kill other players, a GM cannot delete any npcs or objects, a GM is not allowed to give items(except for what i mentioned in what a GM can do), A GM cannot spawn anything and leave it their(must delete it after use), act in any way which would be considered moronic, childish, or innapropriate.

I know that their are "no spots available" but atleast roll it around and think about it, im very serious and professional about what I do.

I am leaving for scottland tomorrow so If you reply to this I will not respond until july 15th because I am unable to do so.
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Hondo app (just roll it around a bit)
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